Vdub Adventures

Web design and build with booking system

Vdub Adventures are a campervan hire company based in Aberdeen and Inverness that provides easy access to the North of Scotland.

Vdub Adventures were in need of a website to advertise and to book their Volkswagen Transporter campervan so tourists can access the North of Scotland or complete the NC 500.

The website design incorporated the colours and tyre marks from the logo that was created by Lottie Norton Design.

The website was built with a bespoke custom content management system which gives Vdub Adventures the flexibility of managing pricing, enquiries and bookings easily and also gives the customer a clear view of availability over the next year.

Vdub Adentures - Van Information
Vdub Adventures Homepage

In addition to the booking system the website has and adventures section, showcasing what adventures the van can be used for, as well as a blog and general contact form.

A couple of years after the site was launched Vdub Adventures grew their fleet of vans which required re-working the booking system to include the choice of vans and pick up locations and the addition of the booking widget.

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